LCDIW at the Women’s March 2018

Today, I fought back. I stood in solidarity with my LCDIW sisters and 300,000 more. The Women’s March was energizing!

The tremendous crowd comprising women, men, old, young, people of all races and of all orientations, stood shoulder to shoulder and arm in arm, to take a stand. Carrying an endless phantasmagoria of colorful signs emblazoned with messages such as “Our Bodies Our Choice” and “Grab ‘em by the Mid-terms,” our voices combined into a deafening roar as we chanted, “This is what democracy looks like!”

We have come a very long way, and there remains a long way to go. In any struggle, there are peaks and advances, peppered along the way with valleys and setbacks. This administration horrifies sensible people world-wide as it rushes with phrenetic gusto in every wrong direction. But the people of this nation are too good for that and we have come too far to turn back. What is good and just is profoundly worth fighting for.

Today and in a tsunami like fashion, we sent the unequivocal message that our rights as women will not be taken away. We stood together not only for women’s rights, but for those of all people. We stood up for decency. We stood up for each other. Seeing the wonderful sea of people reflecting our beautiful diversity coming together gives me hope.

Today, I am more certain than ever before of this fact… we will win.

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