The Best July 4th Photo

Over the July 4th holiday, I shot literally over 1000 images. As always in Lake County, it was a busy political weekend. This image is my favorite one.

Parade photos are “wild art.” There is no arranging composition, perfect hair or controlled lighting. Parade photos are about capturing what is happening. I love this photo for what it says.

It is profoundly disturbing what is happening in this country as our most important ideals, values and decency are being eroded. Right before our eyes the occupant of the White House is insulting women, selling us out to Russia, separating families, locking up children and fomenting angry division, all while the GOP controlled congress assesses its political fortunes and looks the other way. The thing to do is fight even harder.

I cannot take on Trump in court. But I can help locally, which helps to protect our shared values and also contributes nationally. That all politics is local is an absolute truism. Part of the day, I shot images of Mary Edly-Allen’s group in the parade. Lines of spectators cheered and shouted “Blue Wave!”

Mary is a fighter and it was an honor to be out there with her. In view of what is happening in our country and Illinois, I will line up and march ten times or million… whatever it takes.

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